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Huey FAQs

What exactly is Huey?

Huey is the ongoing support layer for families who have Neurodiverse children. Our unique platform combines virtual behavioral therapy with care navigation, on-demand learning resources, and caregiving tools, to make it easier to care for your child.
Our neurodiverse-affirming, family-centered therapy model teaches you how to easily apply behavioral therapy concepts at home, helping you become self-reliant, independent, and empowered for the long term.

How is Huey different from the 15-30 hrs/wk of ABA therapy?

Most ABA therapy programs do not provide adequate family training, which is one of the most important factors in helping your child's therapy gains generalize to the home setting for the long term. Research suggests that this is one of the biggest drawbacks of the 20-30 hours per week model of ABA therapy.
In the old ABA model, your child gets 3-4 years of intensive ABA, after which you are left on your own, without any help/training on how to effectively reinforce any of the behavioral therapy skills at home.
Huey solves this problem from the very first session, ideally before ABA even starts. With just 1-2 hours per week of parent-mediated behavioral therapy (an evidence-based method of delivering therapy) in 12-week blocks, the focus is on training you on how to effectively (and more naturally) apply therapy concepts at home. We help you become empowered from Day 1 in your child's therapy journey. Huey can both fully substitute the old ABA, and also complement any existing services you & your child might be receiving.
The benefits of our approach? Your child's development becomes meaningfully tied to their natural skills & talents, in a way that maintains for the long run. You as a caregiver feel less stressed, more empowered, and better equipped to deal with future challenges, which positively compounds your child's development over time in the most naturalistic way.

How many hours of therapy does my child actually need, and for how many years?

Not as many as you think! Old ABA programs put all children (regardless of their baseline capabilities) into the same 15-30 hrs/wk model of ABA for 3-4 years, to maximize profit. Huey flips the old model on its head and focuses on doing more with less.
More hours of therapy does not = better outcomes for your child.
Before starting therapy, Huey undertakes a number of assessments to determine your child's baseline skills & abilities and develops a personalized therapy plan, in which we focus on 1-2 specific development areas in 12-week batches.
In those 12 weeks, we work closely with you and your child to make meaningful progress toward your child's specific developmental goals. Depending on your child's needs, they may need just 12 weeks or multiple 12-week sessions over a few years.
Given we're building the ongoing support layer for families, our promise is to be there for you as your child develops over the years. We are a long-term solution for families.

How do I know if Huey's model is effective for my child?

Great question! Our model is evidence-based, which means that there is existing evidence (through research over the years) to show that it improves your child's social, communication, and behavioral skills. We combine a number of evidence-based approaches rooted in the Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Interventions ("NDBIs") domain to uniquely address your child's developmental needs, with the added benefit of leveling up your caregiving skills permanently.
Also, our model works for all children with Autism, regardless of their baseline skills & capabilities. This is because we uniquely personalize our therapy program to work on areas most relevant to your child's development needs.
Our clinical leadership and advisors hold decades of experience from large institutions such as Stanford Children's, Seattle Children's Hospital, Rush University, and more. Collectively, they have published a large number of research papers showing the effectiveness of telehealth parent training approaches and are well-known authorities in this space.

When is the right time for me to join Huey?

Any time! We meet families wherever they are in their caregiving journey. The earlier you can immerse yourself & your child into the Huey ecosystem, the better, as our program is designed to make you self-reliant and independent - saving you time/money over the long term.
Behavioral therapy is an essential medical need for Autistic children, so we recommend families join Huey as soon as they have any developmental concerns. We can undertake a streamlined tele-diagnosis (or baseline assessment) to give you a better understanding of your child's capabilities and then work closely with you to work out the next steps.
If you have developmental concerns and haven't sought out a formal diagnosis yet: Contact us to get a tele-assessment done, to understand your child's baseline capabilities and whether they fit the criteria for a formal Autism diagnosis. If diagnosed, we'll fast-track your entry into our early childhood therapy program!
If you have a diagnosis and are on a waitlist for ABA therapy: Consider joining Huey instead of your ABA therapy program. This way, you'll get your child world-class care, and avoid all the mistakes & dependencies that come with the old ABA model. Our model takes a fraction of the time of conventional ABA each week and sets you & your child up for long-term success.
If you are currently doing ABA therapy: Consider switching from your ABA therapy provider to Huey. Our program can permanently replace/substitute your child's ABA program. This way, you'll avoid all the mistakes & dependencies that come with conventional ABA. If that's not possible, we can work alongside your ABA program as a supplement, to train you on how to best apply ABA concepts in the natural home setting.
If you have already done ABA therapy: Consider joining Huey as soon as possible to support your child's ongoing development. Whilst conventional ABA only goes on for 3-4 years, Huey is a permanent ongoing solution to help you with your child's needs, through age (and issue) specific programs, on-demand content, caregiving tools, and so much more.
Not sure where you fit? Contact us and our team can figure out how to best support you and your child's needs!

How do I pay for Huey?

We are currently in-network with Kaiser Permanente (through Catalight) in Northern California, which means that majority of your costs for our clinical programs will be covered if you are holding an active Kaiser plan. For more information on how to seek a referral to Huey through the network, please contact us on 415-376-9422.
We are also actively in the process of becoming in-network with more plans across California. If you prefer to pay for Huey with your insurance, please sign up and tell us about your insurance details. We will get in touch with you as soon as we accept your insurance provider.
If you would like to sign up for our programs and pay out-of-pocket, we can issue you a "superbill" after each therapy session, which you can use to get 40-70% reimbursement for our services from your insurance payer. During sign-up, we will ask you to provide us with a payment method to keep on file (credit or debit card), which will only be charged after the completion of each therapy session.

How can I trust the Huey website and platform?

Great question! All information you share with Huey, from the initial sign-up to the interaction with your therapist during therapy sessions is handled in a HIPAA-compliant manner. We take your privacy very seriously.
In terms of our public-facing website, we use a secure HTTPS connection to deliver ( to you, which is the fundamental protocol to ensure the safe and secure transfer of information between the browser you use to view/use and the Superhue website. This ensures that all communications on the website are encrypted and secure. To check for our HTTPS certificate, you can click on the 🔒 (lock) icon that appears beside the website name, which will give you information on our HTTPS certification.
In addition to this, we also use an "SSL" (secure socket layer), which is the standard technology used to keep your internet connection secure and safeguard any sensitive data that is sent between systems. This helps us prevent criminals or anyone with malicious intent from reading and modifying any information transferred, including any potential personal details. For more information on how "SSL" works, please read here.
You can also independently verify our security using the many website security assessment tools available on the internet. For example:

I am a disabled person and I think Huey is not a user-friendly site and/or has accessibility issues

We would love to hear from you! We admit that as a small nimble start-up, we don't have everything perfect just yet, but it is definitely something we are aspiring for. We would love to hear ideas and suggestions from you on how we can improve the overall accessibility and experience of Huey!
Please reach out to [email protected] with any suggestions, and we'll take it from there ✨